School Projects Major projects in courses (course, project title, brief description, duration):

Design of Operating Systems - CIS 370

Process Scheduling

Worked with a team to design a C program that simulated various process scheduling algorithms. – 3 weeks

Algorithms and Data Structures - CIS 360

Data Sorting

Worked with a team and individually to implement various sorting techniques in order to understand their efficiency. – various

Software Specification & Design - CIS 280

System Modeling

Worked with a team to mode user interaction and the corresponding software components for business computer system using Rational Rose, implemented one interface of the system. –8-10 weeks

Empirical Methods in Computer Science - CIS 362

User Interaction Analysis

Designed and implemented a Java program in which a GUI provides users with a set of tasks (button-click, typing etc.) and compares the actual user results to an estimation using the Keyboard Language Model (KLM). – 2-3 weeks

Human-Computer Interaction - CIS 481

Information System for Charity

Developed a program based in Excel (using VBA macros) to assists with record keeping. Generates template sheets, graphs and 'Thank You' notes using information available to the system. – 8-10 weeks

Senior Software Design - CIS 498&499

Data Repository

Developed a Java program using SVNkit library with GUI for storing, retrieving and editing file contents in a multi-user environment. File authors can edit files, non-authors can request modification or deletion and administrators have extended functions such as deleting models and user management. – Year long project